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Science and data behind Bentrio Allergy Blocker

Development of Bentrio has been inspired by the increasing understanding of the key role of the nose as an important entry point for the body. Our dedicated scientists applied their expertise in formulation development and nasal spray delivery. They swiftly identified the key components to create and optimize AM-301, which then became Bentrio Allergy Blocker.

Through extensive pre-clinical and clinical testing, safety, tolerability and efficacy of Bentrio were evaluated and established. The protective effects have been demonstrated under relevant testing conditions for allergy.

Bentrio shows statistically significant benefits in a controlled clinical allergy study on Grass Pollen

This graph shows the rating of allergic rhinitis symptoms (Total Nasal Symptom Score) by volunteers while they were exposed for four hours to grass pollen in a so-called challenge chamber. Blue line: participants receiving one dose of Bentrio prior to entering the chamber. Red line: no protection provided. Application of Bentrio resulted in a statistically significant reduction of allergy symptoms.

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