Take your extra protection against airborne allergens into your own hands.

Bentrio is available in select countries in Europe and Asia. Check with your retailer to see if it’s available in your area. We are working on expanding globally.


With Bentrio® nasal spray, enhance your nose’s natural defenses against allergies. Its gel emulsion works in harmony with your body, providing at least three hours of protection from inhaled allergens such as pollen or house dust mites, as confirmed by clinical studies. Breathe easier with Bentrio®.


Starts working in 2 min


Triple Action: shields, traps particles, humidifies


No drugs, no preservatives
With natural Bentonite


Blow your nose gently. Shake the bottle vigorously five times up and down.

Remove the protective cap. Prime pump prior to first use by actuating it repeatedly (point away, in the air or towards a tissue) until a full spray appears.

Bend head slightly forward, insert spray tip as far as possible and hold the bottle upright while actuating firmly one puff per nostril.  

Repeat application in the other nostril. Wipe the spray tip and put on the cap.  


Q: How does Bentrio® work? 

A: Bentrio® safeguards the nasal mucosa through triple action:

  1. Shields the nasal mucosa with a physical barrier,
  2. Traps the inhaled particles,
  3. Humidifies the nasal mucosa, supporting its natural function

Q: What are the main ingredients of Bentrio® Nasal Spray? Is it safe? 

A: Bentrio® is formulated with bentonite, a naturally occurring mineral with a significant electric charge and exceptional absorption abilities, designed to eliminate harmful substances such as allergens. Bentrio ingredients are GRAS (generally recognized as safe), emphasizing its safety. Additionally, Bentrio® is preservative-free, mitigating potential skin irritation or contact dermatitis. Bentrio® consists of: Purified water, mixed decanoyl and octanoyl glycerides (MIGLYOL® 812 N), propylene glycol, bentonite, glycerol mono- and dipalmitostearate (GELEOLTM mono- and diglycerides), xanthan gum, disodium EDTA, mannitol, citric acid, butylated hydroxyanisole, vanillin.

Q: Why is Bentrio® presented in a gel emulsion form?

A: Bentrio® in gel emulsion form ensures prolonged nasal residence time and effectiveness. It is clinically proven to help protect against airborne pollen for a minimum of three hours.

Q: What does Bentrio® smell like upon application? 

A: Bentrio® contains vanillin, emitting an inviting vanilla scent.

Q: For whom is Bentrio® suitable?

A: Bentrio® is designed for universal use. Children over the age of 6 should use it under adult supervision.

Q: Should the spray be used consistently or occasionally depending on circumstances?

A: Administer one puff per nostril, three times a day, or as needed (not exceeding eight sprays per day), and not for continued use beyond 30 days. Bentrio® is clinically proven to provide at least three hours of protection against airborne allergens. It is recommended to use Bentrio® proactively to help protect against airborne particles prior to anticipated exposure.

Q: Is there a required usage period post-opening the product?

A: Bentrio® should be used within six months of opening. Also, make sure to check the expiry date on the bottle.

Q: Is Bentrio® habit forming?

A: The gel emulsion does not contain xylomethazoline and is therefore not considered habit-forming.

Q: Could Bentrio® trigger allergic reactions?

A: Bentrio® functions in a manner that does not invoke pharmacological, immunological, or metabolic effects. Every component within its formulation is widely accepted as safe, having been implemented in a range of other medical and pharmaceutical applications over the years. Bentrio® has passed stringent clinical examinations and has exhibited outstanding tolerance. Nonetheless, while unlikely, the occurrence of allergic reactions cannot be entirely excluded. If such a reaction unfolds, the use of the product should be halted immediately, and medical counsel sought.

Q: Can Bentrio® Nasal Spray make you drowsy

A: Bentrio® Nasal Spray is well-tolerated and does not cause drowsiness. It is drug-free!